Tom Irene

Amir was my first point of contact in the hiring process to Qualcomm. He is also a great part of the reason I accepted the offer. He was extremely knowledgeable in the role in which I applied, was forthcoming in what the hiring manager expected from me as an applicant and set the tone for what Qualcomm stands for. He is what you'd like to experience when on the hunt for a new career. In this time of uncertainty, Amir's infectious passion to add positive interactions and combat unemployment, is something we can all appreciate.

Harry Linzer

“Insanely efficient and technical” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Amir. Not only is he an excellent recruiter but, is impressive at finding the right opportunity in Semiconductor recruiting. I remember when he was put with a difficult task to find a leadership candidate with a specialized background. Many would have thought it was an unrealistic hire but, BOOM! Amir produced a candidate and got them hired before the targeted start date. Not only was the hiring manager impressed but, the leadership was as well. Kudos! Before Saba Talent, I came from outside the industry which can be tough. However, he was always there to lend me a hand when I needed some support and tips with my search. As a leader of the company, Amir earns a strong recommendation from me!

John Reichhardt

Amir was knowledgeable, polite and was well prepared. I appreciated his concern for my interests and point of view in our discussions. He fairly represented various companies to me and showed me that he was working on my behalf as well. He found a great opportunity for me at Triad Semiconductor.

Sean Vo

Hamed was amazing to work with for my next career step. From the first contact with Hamed, he was always transparent, following up before and after each stage of the process and giving great advice. Hamed always cared about my personal requirements for my next step. I can highly recommend him to everyone. Hamed, Thanks for the professional support!

Randy Briggs

Hamed is a professional, friendly, and extremely helpful talent acquisition consultant! He found me a role that I love with a great company that fits my profile! He helped me through the entire process and ensured I was well equipped for all my interviews process. Importantly Hamed never missed to keep me updated without me having to chase him. An absolute credit to the profession and support. Thank you Hamed for all your help, and I wish you all success in your professional journey!

Joe Smith

Thank you, Skylar, for all the support during my recruitment process. You and your team really went above and beyond to ensure all areas are covered, all questions are answered, and that expectations are clear between all parties! Thank you again!

Scott Runnals

Mitch is a very technical and responsible person; he ensures that the entire process goes very smoothly by explaining the JD and matching with my resume, point out changes to the resume and making sure my resume matches the JD well. His outstanding stakeholder management, and very approachable personality, made it very easy for me to comfortably share anything with him and got my ideal job which I am very happy about! Keep up the good work Mitch!

Fruhar Reissi

As we all know, it's not that easy to find a dream job. I'm really lucky that I could get in contact with Amir during my job search in the United States. As a recruitment professional, he was patient and supportive. I have never felt that I'm alone when I go through the hiring process. Amir is always here to give useful technical advice and to catch-up in time. Amir is, without doubt, the best technical recruiter I've met. I strongly recommend him and wish him all the best for the future. Thank you again, Amir!

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